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Check out one of our newest creations

Ever wonder why a sprint car motor does not look like this? 

We did too...

A special thanks to Meziere Enterprises for the collaboration of efforts on this.


Check out a video of our air oil separator in action. 

Not just a blowby vent, but truly takes the air out of foamy oil as well.  Shown on a very high end motor with significant aeration problems and was the only cure to keep bearings alive.  Sort of takes the myth out of oil tanks doing the job...

Check out a video of how the air oil separator works.




Weekend of 1-31-16

To GM and Corvette Racing for their IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship 24 hours of Daytona GTLM victory

Using our "SP Series" dry sump oil pump

Check out the complete 2014 victory results in the 2014 Race Results page or

the current 2015 season victories in the 2015 Race Results page


Products designed through innovation, not imitation


You can lead or follow...


All products are proudly manufactured in the USA


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Ford 9" internal

rear end pump



Dailey Engineering specializes in custom Dry Sump Oil Pumps, with Roots Style scavenge rotors and spur gear pressure sections, for all levels of racing engines.  To date, Dailey Engineering has created over 1100 unique configurations based on a customer request for something to suit their needs.  Check out the full line of oil pump designs in "The Archive".  These drawings can also be found categorized by the number of stages in the SP Series and Standard Size pages.  If you can't find something to suit your needs let us create one for you!

To compliment our full line of Dry Sump Oil Pumps, Dailey Engineering also offers our state of the art "Signature Series" Billet Dry Sump Oil PansCheck out one of our latest dry sump oil pans for the 5" bore Big Block Chevy at  Big Block Chevy Modular.


What's New...

Proud to be a distributor for the full line of K&N oil filters


This oil filter housing is designed for the K&N HP-1007 oil filter.  A good intermediate size filter for moderate oil flows of the production GM LS7 engine by the New Zealand V8 Supertourers.  Designed and built specifically for their needs but now available from Dailey Engineering.





This is our newest addition to the sprint car cam driven oil pumps.  this new 6 stage pump is only 9.2" long.  Using our custom Brown and Miller slipjoint hoseends we are able to get -12 lines plumbed into a very small package.  Couple this with our "Signature Series" Billet Dry Sump Oil Pans to complete the package.



Dailey Engineering now offers a rear fuel drive for our small pump.  Custom fuel pumps are available from Waterman Racing Products with a 1/4" hex drive to mount directly on the rear of these pumps.


Dailey Engineering is proud to announce the addition of "The Classics" to our full line of Custom Dry Sump Oil Pumps.  An economical line of Roots Style Dry Sump Oil Pumps based on industry standard configurations.  Engine builder and wholesale distributor discounts are available.

Here are just a few examples

Racer net $1295

4 Stage Sprint Car cam driven dry sump oil pump with integral oil filter

Racer net $1550

Big block Chevy 5 stage drag race

A few of our latest custom oil pumps and things...


Pump number 343 in our small pump series, a 5 stage dry sump oil pump with air oil separator.  This unique pump has the oil pressure outlet on the bottom of the pump to feed oil pressure directly into the integral oil pan or main support.

Pump number 511 in our small pump series, a 4 stage dry sump oil pump with air oil separator.  Shown integrated into a 4 cylinder billet engine with integral oil filter and rear mounted water pump.