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Our Dry Sump Oil Pumps are available in Standard Size” (STD) and our SP Series small pump design.  Introduced in 2001, our small pump design has a housing body size of just 2.4″ X 2.7″ with a weight reduction of 33% over our current standard size oil pump.  Roots Style Rotors are used in the scavenge sections for both style pumps and bronze spur gears are used for the pressure section.  Drive and idler shafts are made from heat treated alloy steel and precision ground to run in ball bearings front and rear with teflon bushings supporting the inner loads to minimize the rotating friction.  Precision ground stainless steel studs are used as dowel pin alignment for a compact body size.   The scavenge sections are all internally cross ported together so only a few scavenge outlet fittings are necessary.  However, to achieve the maximum capacity of our oil pumps optional scavenge manifolds with -20 fittings are available.

Between our two sizes of oil pumps we currently have over 1100 unique configurations in use today.

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Aluminum rotors reduce the weight up to 25% over conventional steel gear and Gerotor oil pumps.  The aluminum housings and rotor combination all made from 7075 T6511 billet aluminum maintain a constant internal clearance over the entire operating temperature range.  Our two-lobe Roots Style design provides up to 50% more volumetric capacity, greater hydrodynamic sealing, and maximum crankcase vacuum than other dry sump oil pumps on the market.  Our aluminum rotors are available in either our straight or high helix twisted rotor design in some selected models.



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Dailey Engineering oil pumps with the pressure section located in the front of the oil pump can be fitted with an optional Air/Oil Separator.  The Air/Oil Separator routes pure oil (rather than foamy oil) back to the oil tank.  This centrifugal hydrodynamic device mechanically separates the air from the foamy oil and then routes pure oil and air back to the tank thru separator lines.

Check out a video of our air oil separator in action.

Not just a blow by vent, but truly takes the air out of foamy oil.  Shown on a very high end motor with significant aeration problems and was the only cure to keep bearings alive.  Takes the myth out of oil tanks doing the job…

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An industry first is this air/oil separator with the rear mounted accessory drive for fuel and power steering pumps.

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Dailey Engineering provides rapid prototyping for any configuration you specify.  We currently have over 800 different configurations in production.  All pumps are designed using Pro-Engineer solid modeling and manufacturing software.  Dailey Engineering brings to you a superior pump design and the level of excellence previously available only on race bred engines.  You cannot buy a better Dry Sump oil pump today.