The pump came in today very well boxed and protected and I set it on the engine and everything fit perfectly.  I want to say how much I appreciate the manner in which you helped me with my custom mounted pump.  I had given up on trying to figure it out but you stepped up and made it easy.   Very very professional and I really appreciate you not treating me like a nobody like a lot of places do.   

Gary Shovan


Hi Bill,

just a quick note to say THANK YOU !!!!!!
I got the Jag engine back together over Xmas, reinstalled, re-plumbed etc
The oil pressure sits at 90lb cold 1800 rpm, and 65-70 Hot 1800 rpm and does not waiver. the pressure curve is quite flat too i.e it sits at about 70lb whatever rpm!
The car has done 30 laps of testing, one race meeting and is about to do another this weekend
I have never seen an engine have that little of a pressure difference between hot/cold/rpm !! It is truly amazing !!
Thank you for your patience with me while we talked through this engine and the beautiful machining and quality of the pump.

Kind regards

Angus Fogg

Bill, As I finish freshening my personal LS engine with your billet pan I thought I would send you an email and say how much I like your stuff. There are a lot of performance parts throughout the industry and I must say your stuff is one of, if not the best-engineered products out there. EVERY single detail is well thought out, it works better than any other dry sump system out there, you always take my calls and answer questions I may have with full knowledge. I’m simply completely happy with your products and is worth the money spent. I just thought I would drop a note and say thanks while it is on my mind. No need for a reply as you are a busy guy, I appreciate all the help.


Bill Trovato BTR Performance


Your pumps and pans are the best by far. Your ability to prototype and produce the best product is something that no other manufacturer can do. And you treat the “little guy” with the same respect as the “big guy”.

Mike Kovacs
Total Engine Concepts

To Bill and the staff at Dailey Engineering,

Just a quick note of thanks for all that you have done for myself and our customers here at Kroyer Racing Engines. The quality goes far beyond the products you sell, with you and your staffs dedication to making a difference in the racing programs we participate in and your willingness to answer all of the questions big or small I am proud to say that we run Dailey Pumps with great success and that has as much to do with the people as it does the product. We have run your pumps in the most grueling forms of motorsports from NASCAR to Off-Road racing and am proud to say that this year alone (2011) we have been able to win every SCORE Trophy Truck race, the SCORE Points Championship in Trophy Truck, Class One and Pro-Truck along with the TORC series Pro-2 and Pro-4 Championships, all with Dailey Oil Pumps and Pulleys.

Once again thanks for everything.

Kevin Kroyer
Kroyer Racing Engines

Dailey engineering is an extraordinary company. Not only are their products top of the line but their service is even better. I call them with a custom oil pump configuration and they designed, manufactured and shipped three pumps to me in less than a week. Most places you call can’t even get back you in a week to take down your specifications let alone make the parts. There pumps look great and function great. The total experience of working with them was wonderful. If I ever need another oil pump I know right where to go, Dailey engineering.

Trevor Ruckle

Combustion and Prototype Engine Engineer

Michigan State University