The “Classic Series” line of dry sump oil pumps are based on our “Standard Series” oil pumps and are the typical industry standard configurations for drag and sprint car racing. Using new and efficient manufacturing methods as well as producing in large volumes  has led to this economical line of oil pumps.  Now you don’t have to settle for a spur gear or gerotor style scavenge oil pump for your racing engine.  For an economical price you can now have a Dailey Engineering Roots Style Dry Sump Oil Pump built with the same quality and standards as our full line of modular designed custom pumps.  Engine builder and wholesale distributor discounts are available.



“Classic” 3 Stage Wet Vac Pump  


“Classic” 5 Stage Drag Race Dry Sump Pump

“Classic” 4 Stage Sprint Car Dry Sump Pump