hp photosmart 720

Our Bert bell housing mounted dry sump oil pump

Our new scavenge housing design has created a true positive displacement scavenge pump so pump efficiency is not compromised at low engine speeds while maintaining high-speed performance. The addition of an air/oil separator while maintaining the rear accessory drive is an industry first. Couple this with our billet oil pan for the best performance you can achieve in a dirt late model application.

Racer net $2475

6 Stage Dirt Late Model

Features include:

Air/oil separator
Rear accessory drive
Five -12 scavenge inlet fittings
-16 scavenge oil outlet fitting
-12 scavenge air outlet fitting
-16 pressure inlet fitting
-12 pressure outlet fitting
1″ pressure gears

Options include:

1.2″ pressure gears
-10 valley scavenge inlet