Dailey Engineering designs and manufactures custom Dry Sump Oil Pans from billet 6061 T6 aluminium.  With our “Signature Series” integral Dry Sump Oil Systems, the oil pump bolts directly to the oil pan thus eliminating the A/N lines between the oil pump and oil pan.  All scavenge lines are internally machined into the oil pan eliminating the costly weight, expense, and bulkiness of external scavenge A/N lines. Another benefit of the billet pan is the ability to design the internal shape to efficiently scavenge oil and control windage.  

Our “Signature Series” modular design oil pans utilize a secondary manifold to mount the oil pump which also incorporates the integral oil transfer passages.  This modular design allows the oil pump configuration to change as well as the position of the pump.  This flexibility in design configurations allows us to install pumps that might be limited to the number of scavenge sections based on a sanctioning body’s rule, clearance needed to add an air/oil separator or to move the pump from one side to the other for packaging reasons.  Just another tool to help in the custom design process and give customers get what they need.